What if…

You could have a qualified attorney represent you at your hearing, get a timely report on the result, and rely on one vendor to coordinate it all? When you think about it, that’s a lot to leave in the hands of someone else but you cannot always be there yourself, so you need someone you can trust.

Bright idea…

Post your hearing on our site that notifies attorneys in that area, who cover the hearing with one click and then upload their reports on the site for you. A simple process facilitated by our software, so your costs are low, coverage is secure and qualified, and your compliance is automated.

All of us…

Together, the clients, the attorneys, and Local Counsel Collective create this process that seems simple on the surface because the design and development is so completely awesome. It’s all backed up and supported by a team of people who truly care about your satisfaction and success.

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We want to show you the quality of our contract attorneys and the simplicity we offer in covering your hearings. Join for free.

Appearance Counsel for Your Hearing Coverage Needs

We are attorney owned and know the industry. We are focused on making hearing coverage and your appearance counsel needs the best it can be. As NARCA members, we are advancing the legal collection industry by building a network of FDCPA trained contract attorneys available for stand in appearances. Our staff members regularly travel across the country to present and educate our clients and trade associations on the importance of compliant hearing coverage. The basic principles at Local Counsel Collective are:







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